Do you ever get the feeling that people may be hiding the truth from you? Would you say this is paranoia?

I have become very suspicious of everything that is going on around me.

Even before the pandemic my mind was telling me something is not right. The pandemic was confirmation of my doubts. I do not believe that people in authority are 100% straight with you when it comes to providing information.

I went to hospital, after testing positive for cancer cells, to have a surgical procedure.

I questioned the surgeon about the future. She then said to me, ‘why do you want to know everything, just live your life.”

I have had many situations, where I know that there is something wrong with me, but they are  not telling me to protect my mental health?

When I think about the Pandemic, I realise that we really are not as free and in control of our lives as we once thought.

I found that by living in extreme fear, our lives, we had no control over our own lives. Freedom came to a halt, globally, and at a great expense to our lives.

People lost their livelihood, their homes and employment. The distress, not being able to be with our families, losing loved ones.

The advantage of the lockdown was nature resetting itself with less air pollution.

People had time to reflect on their lives, rethink and make positive changes to the situations that they found to be not ideal.

Although the stress levels were high, parents were able to spend more quality time with their children.

The information we receive in the media on a regular basis is never 100% true. As we know sad news sells.

How can we trust a system that is built on negativity and lies?

It is bad enough that the standards of recruiting people who are professional and efficient has dropped over the last twenty years.

I have found that there is no compassion, empathy or respect whilst communicating with customer service departments. There is a lack of knowledge and education.

The fact that a lot of the online enquiries are outsourced to other countries makes me lose faith in the system.

The lack of face-to-face communication, that we once had, is also impersonal and leaves customers unfulfilled.

I have nothing against the automated services and even the ridiculous waiting times, but I am left feeling like I have not resolved anything.

I find that I have to be very thorough with every query as I doubt that anyone is really listening to me.

There has to be a balance somewhere in my train of thought but at this point I cannot work it out.

For every negative there is a positive and I guess I will just have to work on this one.

Natalie Bleau

The Scripture of Balance

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