Reflection is a powerful tool for supporting change and growth. 

When we mirror, think, consider, or contemplate about anything in our lives we are able to see things clearer. It helps us to make positive improvements in our lives and we can become more connected to our self.

I realise that everything transpires in life for a reason, whether good or bad. I have learnt to endeavour my best to accept this.

It is especially important for us to give ourselves time to reflect so that we can appreciate where we are today.

Life, for most of us, is fast paced and we do not get enough time to sit back and solemnly contemplate.

Self-reflecting has helped me to understand more about the way that I respond to situations, and to become aware of my, faults and failings so that I can deal with them positively so that they do not overpower me.

We need to process those thoughts that are going around in our head. Perhaps write them down in a journal to help us try to make a connection to understanding why we are thinking of them.

By acknowledging these thoughts, we may find that we can positively deal with them, as most of those thoughts that we ruminate on are negative.

We must also remember that ‘thoughts are not facts.

By writing down those thoughts in a journal later on we can look back on them and see them for what they really are.

A lot of people sometimes find that everyday seems to be repetitive and that nothing seems to change.

By keeping a journal of everything that is significant in your day you will find that in fact every single day is different, and if your days are like a conveyor belt, you can try to do something differently.

Personally, I think that because we live by  routine every day, we are on autopilot and do not have time to appreciate the pause.

Think about what happens in the pause because we have many moments in the day where we have that time to reflect on our thoughts. We just need to recognise it.

Take time out in your day to practice mindfulness breathing techniques and refresh your mind as if you were dusting cobwebs off your brain.

Try to process your thoughts in a positive way. Rather than giving yourself a tough time, relax and allow yourself just to be in the moment.

In everything there must be a balance.

Natalie Bleau

The Scripture of Balance

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