I am one of the many guilty people who can say something to support someone in a crisis, but when I am feeling down, I can sometimes process it in a negative, destructive way.

For example, I can sometimes dwell on the negative and allow my thoughts to ruin my day, but I advise others to think about it briefly and move on.

I have written in my blogs that the words ‘hate’ and ‘love’ are powerful emotions and that we can sometimes say things we do not mean.

Love is a powerful word shown by your actions and not your words. People often carelessly use it so that it becomes meaningless.

 I would not take a person’s word for it. 

Actions speak louder than words. 

Love is often mistaken for infatuation and lust, especially when it happens quickly. Love is something that grows over time.

The obsession with what a person looks like and what they do to make you feel good is in the moment, but how they treat you and their lack of respect tells a different story.

Controlling and obsessive behaviour is not love; neither is materialism. 

We must practice what we teach, as people will lose faith in our purpose.

I am a woman with few words and more action; I have emotions and feelings but must check myself. I would not make a promise to anyone even though I am 95% reliable, but the 5% would count for injury or illness.

3 in 5 people I know are unreliable, so I prefer to do things alone. 

People who are hasty to volunteer will likely turn up late or not at all.

The people who overly say they care about you never show it. They use you for their means, and when the benefits stop, you will likely not hear from them again until the next time they want something.

It’s a shame that some people are dishonest and opportunists.

Words mean nothing without actions. 

A changed person does not need to tell you; it is seen in their attitudes and behaviours.

Like loyalty, when the going gets tough, the ‘said loyal’ people turn their backs on you in times of crisis.

As they say, talk is cheap. It costs nothing to ‘big up’ someone to get your way, but dishonesty can be costly.

Another annoying trait is when someone says they will get back to you, and they take a long time to do so, especially if it concerns a job offer or a deal. WORDS

If people honoured what they promised they would do, life would be much easier for all parties involved.

If you have no definite answer for someone, at least keep them up to date rather than leave them hanging.

Never make promises you can’t keep.

A common mistake we make is at funerals when we meet our relatives and friends after a long period.

The famous words are, ‘We always seem to meet at funerals; we definitely will keep in touch.’

Until the next funeral. WORDS

I have lent books/films to people in the past with the promise that they would give them back, and they never have. WORDS

A person’s character is recognised by their actions of doing and not just saying.

I cannot take your word for it; actions are my only consolation.

In everything, there must be a balance.

Natalie Bleau

Scripture of Balance

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