A Quality Life Over a Quantity

It is so easy to push aside the knowledge that life is short until you hear of a loved one who passes. 

When we value life, it becomes less important to count how much time we have and more important to embrace our quality time. 

We grow in wisdom with how we spend our time. Let’s be mindful of how, where and whom we spend our time with.

I never used to appreciate life, I used to be so obsessed with being destructive towards myself. I was drowning in my self-pity and walked around with a pessimistic attitude. 

The saying ‘life is what you make it’ is a phrase I now understand what that means.

If I sit around all day and concentrate on negativity, I will become a recluse and feel I have no purpose in life.

The minute I use my mind to embrace what I truly have in my life is my first step to fulfilment.

Gratitude springs to mind.

We as people take a lot for granted and are always complaining about not having this and that.

We have life. We need to reflect on the things that we do have.

If we have use of our five senses…. That is a luxury. Even though people without tend to make the best of it.

If we have a roof over our heads even if we cannot afford to regularly keep it warm… at least we are not living on the streets in the cold.

We don’t have to be rich and live in luxury. Some people are happy to just have the basic things in life as long as they are healthy and have people around them who care about them.

You can be rich in other ways than money and live a happy life.

There are always going to struggle in life. The current situation with the cost of living and the pressure to stay in a job that is no longer serving you but without these challenges, you may think life would be easy but I’m sure we would find something else to complain about.

Instead of looking at what we want, we should be grateful that we have what we need. 

In this society people allow themselves to be put under pressure to keep up with the latest gadget or fashion statement and some will go into debt to maintain that life.

I was never like this, but I tended to put myself unconsciously in debt just to feed my habits. It’s not like that today as I had to learn the hardest way by going into bankruptcy after I attempted to take my life.

I am very careful now with how I spend my money and I have learnt that I need to prioritise what I need. I do treat myself to the odd gadgets now and again.

The quality of my life is not defined by the quantity of money I have or the years I have left I focus on the now and how I can make the most of every day.

Every day I live I make sure I can account for what I do so my life can be meaningful to me and help others. 

In everything, there must be a balance.

Natalie Bleau

The Scripture of Balance 

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