There are many opportunists out there looking to thrive off the vulnerability of other people. They seem to carry no guilt or shame with their bad intentions.

I could have been a victim of such circumstances, but fortunately, I always seemed to be able to sniff out these unsavoury characters.

I have never been one to wear my heart on my sleeves and no one really impresses me. I have been described, in the past as militant. I will hang on to every word a person says, in order to get a feel of who the person really is.

It sounds as if I am a crazy, paranoid person, but I believe that it is a gift from the Gods. If I am to invest my time with anyone, they will just have to be straight with me. I do not suffer fools gladly.

I have never been impressed by material things. It is good to have luxuries in life, but without love, kindness, and peace it all seems meaningless.

Talking of intimate relationships, a person who is a responsible adult and has a sense of security, is a must. I personally would not want to be a with a person who lives a reckless existence.

Friendships require a genuine person of good character with respect for themselves and others, and above all honesty. It is not about the way an individual looks or what they can bring to the table.

Last week, I thoroughly, enjoyed watching a film with my partner called, ‘The Good Liar’ starring, Helen Mirren & Ian McKellen. So, I decided to watch it again with my Mother. 

The story is based on a novel written by Nicholas Searle. It was about a conman who meets a wealthy widow, worth millions. He tries to swindle money out of her. The moral of the movie is how evil deeds can backfire.

I have no love for people who take advantage of a person’s vulnerability. 

However, you will find me on the front seat of the VIP section, when evil is dealt with accordingly.

Healthy relationships/friendships are important for each one of us, but there must be a balance on both sides. 

It’s a bit like a seesaw, the person sitting down has to balance out the apparatus to enable the other person to climb on the other seat. There is no other way around getting on the equipment.

A good relationship is built on trust, respect, honesty and appreciation, there is no way forward without it. I can always throw in ‘equality’ as some times you may find that it can appear very one-sided. 

I have met many people, who have been emotionally, stuck in one-sided relationships for years. The trauma of it all left them financially, emotionally, and mentally drained.

The saddest part is that they always blame themselves for the time that they had wasted. 

My opinion is that they should not waste time beating themselves up about it. Not everyone has to be on ‘red alert,’ when they enter a relationship.

It was after all an experience, hopefully they have learnt something from it, to be more cautious, when they decide to allow another person into their world again.

Congratulate themselves! They have survived this trauma; it has made them stronger people, by now they have gained the experience to counsel others. 

Timeout! The next encounter comes with a checklist. Before entering another relationship, we have to be mindful that we need a balance. 

We do not want to be the person making all the sacrifices anymore.

A deceitful person, once they think they have you, will try to control you by manipulation. They will do whatever it takes to dictate your thoughts and feelings. 

You will then be able to see through their toxic behaviour. Therefore, saving yourself from another traumatic event.

You now have the power to stay in control of the situation.

In everything there must be a balance.

Natalie Bleau

The Scripture of Balance

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