Can an egotist find balance???

An egotist is described in the dictionary as an excessively conceited person who is self-absorbed.

An egotist can border on to narcissistic behaviour. I would not even class them as the ‘Alpha Male’ as the ‘AM’ is a leader and has no reason to prove themselves.

They want to be the centre of attention, regardless, and tend to make long speeches because they love the sound of their own voice. They tend to talk more than want to listen. 

This can be seen as delusional, their behaviour is unhealthy, obsessive, competitive with a bad attitude towards others bordering on jealousy.

The egotist can disguise their interests, as if they are your interests.

Manipulating others into believing that they have more powerful  connections than you, even though it has not served a purpose of respect or gain.

I have come across many people like this, they tend to shout the loudest, and find themselves making more frenemies than devoted friends. 

The delusion is what they cannot see. No matter how much, they try to impress other people, no one takes much notice or really cares about what they are trying to prove. 

The funny thing is, while some of us are trying to be effective for people that are struggling, they are only thinking about themselves and how they can get noticed.

When I was sixteen years old, I loved Ferrari’s and Porsche’s and other sports cars and admired people who were smelled nice and were immaculately dressed. This was my fascination and how I have always been particular about looking clean and smart.

I seemed to have noticed a lot of handsome guys out there when I was eighteen,  but I was not really interested in any kind of encounter. I don’t think I really noticed ego back then, as the guys I hung with, although smart dressers, had nothing to prove.

As I got older, and more aware, I realised that the egotist guys were the ones that were not blessed with ‘Adonis’ beauty. They stood out, by their fast cars, and the money they threw about, but not by their looks or physique.

Some of my girlfriends were money orientated and would go along for the ride. Personally, I found these guys revolting, they were very  presumptuous, and I would be very feisty and hostile towards them. 

They would have this line that they were ‘my knight in shining armour’ I would always tell them to ‘forget the knight, that the armour was more impressive to look at.’

There is a balance in how one portrays themselves. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What one person sees as beautiful another may think is average.

We eventually grow up and learn that beauty is skin deep. A person you want to be with is going to be someone that you are attracted to physically and spiritually.

There are many people that can attract your attention, but without getting to know them as a person, not just an object of your desire, can we only determine whether we want them for keeps.

I believe a relationship with a conceited, self-centred person is a going to be a failed relationship. 

As in everything there must be a balance.

Natalie Bleau

The Scripture of Balance

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