Guilt is a self-conscious higher level of emotion that is felt when a person knows that they have done something wrong, if not dealt with can lead to a depressive state of mind.

Some people carry a sense of guilt throughout their lives, especially when it is too late to apologise for what they have done.

There are types of people who believe that the whole world evolves around them, and they tend to behave in a self- centred way. They feel that it is their entitlement to always get their own way no matter who they hurt.

The worst part is when it involves emotional extortion, or bribery.

People who behave in this way are known to of been pampered throughout their lives.

I have studied this behaviour in adults, and what stands out is the lack of recognition and remorse for their wrongdoing.

The biggest mistake you can ever make in your life is allowing someone to have that much power over you. 

In some cases, it is the love that you have for that person that blinds your decisions. 

People have been using me throughout my life. They would only be overly nice to me when they wanted something from me. 

When I was younger, I would be stupid enough to accept the behaviour because I wanted to be liked. I was a complete deluded idiot.

They use the excuse of everything involving them, as urgent. I don’t think they know the concept of what an emergency is. 

They showed no remorse for their ingenuity. 

The people that I care about the most, in my personal life, are very few, I need not mention them as they will already know who they are.

It’s not about what you can get out of a person that makes them likeable, it’s about their good character and the positive values they hold.

My Father was the person who loved me unconditionally. As the saying goes ‘by their actions, you will know’ I could comfortably say that I trusted him with my life.

I was never interested in the materialistic things because I never asked for them. It was the love, the care, and support and the fact that he was 100% trustworthy. You cannot get a greater love than that.

Life’s experiences have made me paranoid of people. I am able to identify who is genuine by tuning into the way they behave towards me and others.

After my Father died, I would not trust anyone with my life, not even myself, so I surrendered and  invested my faith and trust to my higher power with whom I understand, God. 

I would like to think that I give people the benefit of the doubt. It’s not that I don’t have any trust at all, but I hold everything and everyone I know at arm’s length.

I have a passion for helping people mentally and spiritually. I believe that a balanced mind is a good start to positive progress.

I learned to take an inventory of all my faults, my destructive behaviour, on doing this I felt a sense of peace within my life.

Today I realised that not everything is black or white there are more than enough areas of struggle going on in a person’s life.

If the story of my calamities differs it’s because I am fortunate to have a network of people who have been constantly praying for me.

I have managed to rid myself of guilt by making amends to those that I have hurt in the past. This has given me peace in my mind.

Today, I am not afraid to acknowledge when I am in the wrong and have become more mindful with my actions and words.

In everything there must be a balance.

Natalie Bleau

The Scripture of Balance

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