An amazing day returning to the gym in Poplar post pandemic the atmosphere was buzzing.

Chrissy, the white collar boxing promoter, was relieved that we were back and took all our temperatures to make sure they were below 37°C.

Our boxing coach Ben, had us working hard and shows no mercy.

It was almost like being awakened from a comatose state. Even if you had been training solo during the lockdown, just working hard together was mentally an physically rewarding.

The truth is I did not train today , I sat on the gym horse and watched the trainees working hard and encouraged them to work harder.

I decided that I would start training with the team from Thursday evening.

I find boxing a good way of keeping me mentally and physically balanced and after I have completed a session I feel I have achieved my goal.

You must be motivated to train or you will just see it as a chore and will not enjoy it enough to put any effort in.

Group training makes it more enjoyable for me than personal training as you feel you are working together as a team.

In everything there has to be a balance.


Natalie Bleau

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  • Haydn
    April 18, 2022

    I did a bit of boxing in my teens but I am 23 now and I much prefer playing American Football.

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