What is stress?

Stress is when you feel emotional or mental strain of pressure from a demanding circumstance. It also includes anxiety.

What is depression?

Depression is a mental health illness which consists of low mood, change in behaviour and diet, and can sometimes lead to suicide. There are many levels of depression mild, moderate, and major. All levels must be taken seriously.

The two almost go hand in hand as stress, although is not a psychiatric diagnosis can cause mental health problems, especially if the person cannot find a solution.

Stress is the cause of major lifetime illnesses especially when the person has constant ongoing challenges. It is the leading cause of illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure.

A person who suffers from moderate to chronic depression may have another underlying mental illness.

Today you may find quite a few people, admitting that they have a mental health condition. This is for a Doctor to decide through extensive investigation as there are those who are using this disability as a way of cheating the system.

Social media is full of people who are convinced that they are depressed but really, they are suffering from stress. I am not qualified to diagnose anyone’s state of mind or those that cry for help. No matter what, I must positively encourage them to go on as you cannot be too sure, a negative response may push them over the edge. You must be mindful of what you say to somebody whether you know them or not.

So many people have taken their lives through stressful situations and depression because people have chosen to dismiss them as an attention-seeker.

Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of attention seekers out there, but we still have to be mindful. The best thing to do sometimes is nothing, especially if it is a regular whinger on social media. If they really need help, they will ask for it.

Either way, stress and depression can lead to a premature death so both must be sensitively listened to without judgement or criticism.

“One thing I will stress is that there is no comparison where depression, stress or any other illness is concerned, when the individual is suffering. I strongly advise that you treat every case individually. What does not seem a problem to you, could be the highest level of that person’s definition of internal torture, that they cannot manage.”

Natalie Bleau
The Scripture of Balance

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