Are you a risktaker? An incredibly good question as we all are in some way. 

There is nothing wrong with being daring, doing something you enjoy that other people may deem to be dangerous, such as bungee jumping or sky diving, if you are in good health.

Life is full of risky decisions from taking out a loan to getting married, moving from one neighbourhood to another even walking out on to the streets.

The reason it can be risky is that we do not know what the future holds. You may take out that loan and lose your job. You may have made a mistake with who you married, or you may move to an area where you are being victimised. These are the unknown, unpleasant facts, but in all those scenarios everything may turn out to be okay.

In practice we are all risk-takers, we take a risk with the simplest decisions we make as we have no foresight to know the outcome.

But there are those who are reckless, not only are they tempting fate, but they are also likely to be taking someone innocent along with them, whether it be driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, racing vehicles at high speed on the public road or even doing any activity without a risk assessment. 

I understand the thrill of doing something that makes your heartbeat faster, like going on a fair ride that looks terrifying. I have been there and as I get older; I feel less bold.

Another risk, which I personally would not take, is meeting online strangers for casual relationships. I am not judging anyone who does this, I am just saying how terrified I will feel to have to encounter a stranger, especially if they turn out to be psychopathic. There had been many stories of manipulation, control and worse of all life changing experiences especially if you are vulnerable.

Everyone you meet outside, till you get to know them, are strangers but at least you have an option. You must be mindful of the risk of being coerced, into doing something that will have a negative impact on my life.

Everyone takes risks in their life whether it be a medical procedure or a clinical trial. It is a risk, you must read and sign for it, as you will be fully aware of the risks so you cannot sue for malpractice.  Fortunately, the NHS have exceptionally good surgeons in our hospitals.

  Risks are worth taking if they are benefitting you in life, while others may be dangerous and reckless, especially if someone else’s life is involved. 

Take your own risks do not put other people in danger. 

Natalie Bleau 

The Scripture of Balance 

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