Validation — a word meaning, recognition or affirmation that a person or their feelings or opinions are valid or worthwhile.

Humanity have always been seeking validation well before Social Media existed. We seek it emotionally and mentally from our parents and teachers and as we grow older, we tend to seek the validation of our physical beauty from our friends and the society around us. We all want to be or be dating that poster boy/girl. 👍

Before Social Media happened, appreciation was shown in the honking of one’s car, which later was banned under ‘Rule 112 of the highway code.’ A wolf-whistle or wink was common back then, where a man was showing his approval of someone physically or sexually attractive. It was considered unladylike for women to be as forward as men. (so much for equality) 😪

I have noticed a lot of people on Social media, of all genders, desperately physically craving acceptance and approval by how much positive feedback they receive from photos that they put out. We cannot help but feel sorry for them having to compete with the ongoing pressure of society, to be in the “In Crowd”. 🤐

You are judged by your height, size, features, colour hair and by what proportions of the private parts of your body you have” Personally, in all fairness we all have our ideal types who attract us in a physical way, ‘isn’t nothing wrong with that.’ However, society dictates what the perfect human being should look like. 💃🕴

As far as the eyes can see, what is real? what is fake? when you come upon a picture of a muscular man🏋‍♀️ or a gorgeous woman💃 you will find that a lot of people do not embrace their beauty😪 they tend to upgrade their appearance by using design and editing software programmes with which they can recreate themselves so that they can be popular.

“Personally, I would rather be judged on my good character and intelligence😇 than settle for societies shallow approval and acceptance by advertising my physique. The perversity of some comments and the people who are judging us, the funny part is what do we see when we look at them.” 🤣

I know some people have had some traumatic experiences or relationship breakups that have left them scarred with low self-esteem, lack of confidence and the downfall is that they feel the need to put pictures of themselves to feel attractive or feel loved. 🥰 Guess what? You don’t! The online predators that are trying to pick you up on FB are going to be no better than the ones who broke you down in the first place. 👹 You are the change that needs to happen, you will not find it in another person’s words or actions. 🙏🏾

These people need to learn to be kind and gentle towards themselves, love themselves and be grateful that they have the health and strength to improve on themselves. In everything there is a balance.

Take time out, look within yourself for the answer, get some therapy and by balancing your mind mentally, emotionally and spiritually you will find that you have a deeper purpose.


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